EAA 31 March Meeting Minutes

EAA 31 March 6th 2019 Meeting Minutes
Before the meeting the oven element in the stove died. Gary Ludeke volunteered his stove to heat up the Lasagna in his oven. We started dinner late.
Meeting began at about 7:20 with the pledge of allegiance. There were 14 members and guests present.
Bill Dewey will compile a list of materials for repair of the patio cover. John Kuehl will get a new stove element.
Greg Hughes of Van’s Aircraft did an excellent presentation. Here are some of the things we learned about Van’s history and development: It began with modifications of the Stitts Playboy. Soon we had the RV1 with metal wings. RV2 was never finished. RV3 was the 1st real “RV”. RV4 put the RV’s on the map.
RV 9 unusual. RV 10 4 place. There are over 10,000 RV’s known flying. 2,000
RV 10s kits sold. RV 14 most popular since 2013. RV’s 7,8,9, 12 still selling. The newer kits are “no jig” CNC shaped and punched in Aurora. Quick builds sub assemblies are done in the Philippines and shipped back to Aurora.
Van’s has a great new web site (check it out). Among new developments are the new MOSAIC initiative. Potential certification of demand built kits (which would make them “not” experimental, allow commercial use, flight training etc.)
Potential changes in Light Sport. Higher weight and speed, IMC certification and more.
Davis Dayton (young guy U of Az who was in charge of the EAA’s one week wonder of an RV 12 at Airventure 2018) spoke about the “Teen Flights” Hillsboro and Airway science for kids. Looks like a great step forward for getting young people into aviation.
There was not time for the Chapter Video Magazine. 7 minutes of the Smothers Brothers “I am a pilot” (funny stuff) was shown instead.
Thanks to Jim Origliosso for getting this great presentation, Rod Johnson for the meal and taking notes, and Gary Ludeke for use of his oven. Our next get together will be Saturday March 16 2019 9:00 AM Pancake Breakfast $8.00 bucks. The weather should be better. Those that were concerned about the atmospheric conditions for this March missed a great meeting. Pres John.

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