Another Possible Flying Club Airplane

As a lot of you know, a few members of Chapter 31 have been struggling to form a flying club using a basic 2- seat airplane. There is, in my opinion, a VERY NICE Alon Aircoupe for sale that is hangared at Creswell Airport. It has around 300 hours on an overhauled C-90 engine with new cylinders. These airplanes were manufactured with rudder pedals, toe brakes, nose wheel steering controlled by the rudder pedals. These airplanes were also originally manufactured with a 12-gallon header tank behind the instrument panel and two 9-gallon wing tanks that fed the header tank. This is one of the few things I never cared for in the design as it puts a fuel tank in front of you if you have a frontal impact collision! This airplane has an STC’d modification that removed the header tank and replaced the two 9-gallon wing tanks with 15-gallon tanks. The airplane has a full gyro panel and a wing leveler autopilot. I’d sure hate to see this one get away if there really is serious interest in forming a club/partnership. A few members have expressed an interest in the “club” and this airplane. However, I think there is only one really serious person at this time. That is Roger Welsh (541-747-5308 pt 541-521-8527). The seller’s phone number is 541729-0799. If interested, I would suggest calling the seller and then Roger and maybe coordinate an appointment to take a look at the airplane. Of course, if one of you is interested in the airplane just for yourself, I’d call the seller and talk to him. With the good weather hopefully just ahead, I would think this airplane would sell soon. Don’t lose out if you want a nice, inexpensive to operate, airplane.

By the way, I have no personal interest in seeing this airplane sold. I am not a representative for the seller nor any potential buyers. I’m just an EAA member and airplane builder/owner who’s trying to help a group of interested people find and fly an inexpensive and safe airplane.


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