Don’t forget that tomorrow evening is our regular chapter meeting. Bill Dewey and Rod Johnson have graciously accepted the responsibility of preparing dinner. We’re going to have one of our traditional burgers and dogs BBQ’s. I’m looking forward to it and I hope you are too! The latest report I have on President John’s condition is that he had surgery for gall stones and is recovering nicely. He, of course, will not be in any condition to be at our meeting. I will present the evening’s program which will discuss the trends in the cost, technology advancements and safety over the last six decades. I hope you will find it enlightening and entertaining. A member of Chapter 495 (Roseburg) is planning to attend our meeting to invite us to a June fly-in/camp-in at a grass strip in Glide. We talked briefly about it and it sounds so neat I’ve already got it on my calendar! Bill Dewey will give us the latest on the patio cover rebuild needed due to snowstorm damage. We’ll be looking for all the help we can get to finish the project in a timely manner to be ready for our July 4th Young Eagles event.  We’ll watch at least a portion of this month’s Chapter Video to hear EAA’s announcement of new software to greatly streamline conducting Young Eagles events. It sounds like it’s going to eliminate a lot of paperwork and allow for a more orderly registration and flight scheduling process. 

See you tomorrow!

VP Gary


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