4th of July YE signup and Breakfast reminder

Almost EVERYTHING You need to know about the new EAA Young Eagles Program.

ONCE you sign up you are good to go at ANY Young Eagle event (unless you change planes)

YOUR EAA “Home Chapter” gets the Y E Flight Credits, regardless of where the event is held.

You must be an EAA national member and have current Youth Protection Program status to fly Young Eagles.

Only 2 of the ground volunteers per event need to have current EAA Youth Protection Program status.

To sign up (for anywhere) without going through lots of tabs go directly to Pilot/Ground Volunteer at

http//:yeday.org/?yesignup and fill in your information.

After you have signed up as an individual, To sign up for an “event” like EAA 31 Young Eagles 4th of July, go to yeday.org and follow the instructions to volunteer yourself as a plane/pilot or ground volunteer.

Pairing YE with pilots, Printing YE certificates, etc. all better organized with the new system.

EAA 31 will be having a pre-event meeting on July 3rd (the day before) to go over last minute details and make individual assignment/responsibilities. We will meet at 6:00 PM at the EAA 31 clubhouse. This is especially important for the ground volunteers, but will be helpful for pilots too.

EAA 31 will be providing tables and chairs for EAA 1457 fly-in, Eat good stuff, Rub elbows other Chapters with and a Photo Shoot late Sunday the 30th of June. I will transport the tables. We will need another pickup for the chairs.

See me at the EAA 31 breakfast this Saturday June 15th re: chair transport.

John EAA 31 pres.

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