EAA 31 Thursday July 11th PSAAC 10:30 AM

PSAAC stands for Puget Sound Antique Aircraft Club. EAA 31 will be hosting Lunch for the 20 to 30 planes (actually pilots and passengers) Planes will be displayed from about 10:30 AM until about 2:30 PM at Hobby Field, Creswell. We will have burgers, Dogs, Salad (maybe) and Ice cream for Pilots, Passengers, EAA 31 members and anyone else that wants to enjoy our $8.00 lunch. We need more than one or two chef/burger-flippers to make this a success. We will take turns to allow everybody participating to get a good look at the Antique Planes on display.
BTW we flew 63 Young Eagles on the 4th.
Pres John

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