October Meeting Announcement

President John called me to say, due to family business, he may not be able to attend our October 2 meeting and asked me to handle things regarding the meeting. This is a meeting that some people might miss because it’s so near the beginning of the month that it gets overlooked. So be forewarned! John told me he thought that Rod Johnson had volunteered to head up the dinner part of the meeting, so I called Rod and am waiting for a conformation that he will be doing this. In terms of a program, Virgil and Bridget Pratt have been working for years on the restoration of a Stits Skycoup. That airplane has recently been signed off by Darrin Humble and test flown by Mark Stroble. Virgil will be bringing the airplane over to the clubhouse for all to see and will give us a summary of all the things that were done over the restoration period. He had some real setbacks but plugged along optimistically and saw the job through to completion.Congratulations, Virgil, on a job well done! The only potential issue with Virgil’s presentation is, as of this writing, he has a cough that could possibly be an indication of pneumonia. He felt, when I talked to him earlier today, that he would be in good enough shape to give the presentation but, as they say, “time will tell.”

I hope to see a lot of you on Wednesday evening!

VP Gary

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