Meeting Minutes from the 4/7/2021 meeting

President Pat Dodson, V.P. Rod Johnson and Secretary/ Treasurer Randy Stout as officers were present when the Meeting started at 7:03 at the clubhouse in Creswell. There were 13 Members in attendance. The only guest was Shelly Humble who gave the following report:

Her first comment was to note the passing of neighbor Jerry Narcia, who passed away recently from Cancer.

Airport Update:

1.  Taxi-lane project complete just finishing closeout procedures with the FAA and ODA.

2.  Finalizing contracts for the Emergency Operations Generator installation which includes

     a.  Creation of a road behind the 5 40 x 50 hangars on the north end

     b.  Installation of 3 generators (1 at EOC, 1 at Main bldg., and 1 at Electrical Shack)

3.  Runway rehabilitation design has started, a streaked horn lark geologist will be at the airport on the 20th to complete a required FAA study.  Will also be completing a GEO study, and Environmental study.

I will be working on the justification for the 500 foot extension so if I call for help, please help.

4.  Airport noticed that we are the recipient of a grant in the amount of $160,000 to install a new PAPI, more to come on that.

5.  City has requested that the Airport hold a July 4th event.  Kona Ice has already committed to being at the airport from 10 am to noon.   We can work together to mold the event to both the airport and EAA’s vision.

6.  Airport has purchased a courtesy car to replace the Volvo that is no longer running, it is a Jeep Patriot.  Joel is replacing some parts to make it “brand new” to us – this is a great addition to the airport.

7.  Eugene Radio Club – I have been having conversations with Howard Saxon regarding relocating to the airport.  The City believes that this is a positive move and would like to see this happen.  Possible locations are behind the EOC, at the main FBO, etc.  In the interim they are interested in having conversations as to whether or not they could utilize the EAA club house for their monthly meetings until we define a permanent location.

8.  Legislative Update:  HH (House Bill) 2034 is a stand alone bill that would remove the sunset clause of the COAR grant funding system.  If this bill does not pass the COAR program which will hurt small airports like Creswell.  The COAR grants are a match to the FAA grants (FAA grant = 90%, COAR = 9%, and City = 1%).

There is another bill HB3055 but it is an Omnibus bill and is loaded with many transportation “wants”.

9.  North End development is still moving forward, you will start seeing some work on the north end – we will need to bore some holes to test the soils to find the most acceptable areas for the wastewater leach field.

10.  Fuel prices ……Take a guess??

Thanks Shelly as always!

The business portion of the meeting was then called to order.

  • Checkbook balance was $1788.36 as of the date of the meeting. Please note that 2021 dues are due and have been received from only 18 members so far. Please mail the $25 check to: EAA Chapter 31, 86277 Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR  97478   Thanks!!

We had hoped to have Kyle Bushman give a presentation, but he came down with a cold (hopefully) and had to cancel. We expect that next month we can enjoy his experiences, which are many and varied!

President Pat met with John Kuehl, Rod Johnson, Gary Ludeke and Bill Dewey about hosting a YE event on July 4th. They will plan on holding the event. Pat has applied for EAA insurance for the event. They intend to have the EAA Clubhouse handle all the food needs and the FBO become the place to stage the flights. All interested pilots or volunteers are asked to contact Pat. Thanks guys!!

President Pat hosted a nice event with Mark Bailets on working with fiberglass. Mark has extensive experience in this area and had a lot of valuable info to share. This occurred on Saturday March 20th. Thanks to Pat for hosting him and his whole family at his house overnight!

We were also told that the Eugene Radio Club, the Ham Radio group, may want to rent the clubhouse for their meetings. The clubhouse is available at $250/Year or $50 per night to aviation groups. Their work with emergency services qualifies them. We will report as things progress.

Mat Northway then relayed his “Precautionary Landing” experience this last month. Total loss of power and about 20 seconds to land it successfully, which he did!! Turns out his throttle linkage had decided to malfunction. His 1929 Bird with the 160 Kinner is back in the air and buzzing our strip weekly!! Good job Mat!

There being no other business, John Kuehl played the (short) Chapter Video from National and a Homebuilders Corner video on dual head ratchets and a new tool to tighten panel jacks.

The meeting was then adjourned at 8:05PM

After the meeting, several people worked on getting the recently donated flight simulator working. Gary Ludeke will work on it further to see if we can get the radio stack and throttle module working.

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

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