Meeting Minutes from the 10/6/2021 meeting

Meeting Minutes from the 10/6/2021 meeting.

President Pat Dodson, V.P. Rod Johnson and Secretary/ Treasurer Randy Stout as officers were present when the Meeting started at 6:55 at the clubhouse in Creswell. There were 7 Members in attendance.

Dinner was brought in by V.P. Rod Johnson and consisted of Lasagnia, Salad, French bread and cookies and cupcakes for dessert. Thanks Rod- a great meal!!

Shelly was not here to give her usual informative talk about goings on at the airport.

It was noted that the sign at the gate still needs attention, but since our sign guru (Gary Ludeke) was not here, we postponed any discussion until later.

President Pat then showed us his Hummel Bird tank that he is working on. Tony at Specialty Aero will be welding it soon. Good job Pat!

V.P. Rod Johnson brought in his AirWalk fold up bike for us to look over.

The business portion of the meeting was then called to order.

  * Checkbook balance was $1661.72 as of the date of the meeting.

           If you haven’t paid dues yet, its not too late!

    Please mail the $25 check to: EAA Chapter31,

    86277 Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR 97478 Thanks!!

There being no other business, Past President John Kuehl brought in his computer and played the last 2 EAA national Chapter Video Magazines. I had to leave after they played, but I believe he also played a How-To video on TIG (or was it MIG) welding. Thanks John

There being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM (I assume)

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

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