Meeting Minutes from the 11/3/2021 meeting

Meeting Minutes from the 11/3/2021 meeting.

President Pat Dodson, V.P. Rod Johnson and Secretary/ Treasurer Randy Stout as officers were present when the Meeting started at 7:02PM at the clubhouse in Creswell. There were 8 Members in attendance.

Dinner was brought in by President Pat Dodson, and consisted of Chicken Cordon Bleu, Beans, Salad, Cookies- a great meal!!

  Shelly then gave her talk about what is happening at the airport.

  1. Tuesday, 11/9 from 8:00 a.m. local to 5:00 p.m. local– No fuel available, no AWOS, or airfield lighting due to electrical upgrades
  2. Thursday, 11/11 from 8:00 a.m. local to 5:00 p.m. local – no AWOS or airfield lighting due to electrical upgrades
  3. Current Projects:
    1. COAR – Emergency Generators, transfer switches are being installed next Tuesday and Thursday.  Generators ETA is middle of December
    1. COAR – Emergency Operations Equipment – still in progress
  • Runway Design, progressing and working on funding for Runway Construction which is slated for the summer of 2022
    • Project estimated total 4.7 million
      • City has received 2021 FAA Supplemental Discretionary funding for Runway Construction in the amount of 3.3 million ($2,964,900 FAA Discretionary and $$379,442.00 ARPA Funds)
      • Remaining funding to come from 2022 FAA Discretionary (appr. $585,000) and 2022 Non-primary Entitlement ($150,000). Both require a 10% match.
    • 2022 COAR grant applied for to cover the FAA required match ($81,666.00) – City is responsible for 10% of COAR grant or $8,1667.00

2022 Connect Oregon grant applied for to cover the 10% match –  30% match required however able to utilize the cost of design to offset the match – City responsible for $0.00

  • City is continuing to design a wastewater system for the airport.
  • An Airport Commission work session will be held on Wednesday, November 17th, to review the current rules and regulations.

Thanks as always!!

John Kuehl has organized the Christmas party this year. We will be meeting at the Clubhouse in Creswell at 6:00 PM on 12/11.There will not be a regular chapter meeting in December. Chapter 1457 in Eugene will be joining us and bringing in Hole in the Wall BBQ and our chapter will provide Drinks, plates (which may not be needed). Deserts will have to be decided in the next few weeks, but I assume that Pot-Luck desserts would be the best option. Please RSVP to John Kuehl at   Costs will be whatever Hole in the Wall charges. See you there!!

It was decided to start with our monthly breakfast on the 3rd Saturday of the month starting in April. We will be doing Hot Dogs and Hamburgers at the regular meeting in January.

There being no other business, we started the entertainment portion of the program with the Chapter Video Magazine, which discussed chapter renewals and the 30th anniversary of the YE program which will be celebrated at OSH 2022.

We then began a Show and Tell presentation by President Pat, who then showed us his Hummel Bird tank that Tony at Specialty Aero welded up, along with some wing root fairings that he hammered out. Good job Pat!

Next up was Dave Eason who made a quick presentation on how to handle a file with notches.

Lastly, John Kuehl brought in several tools and Jigs that he has used to form ribs with a dead blow hammer and rounded off screwdriver. Thanks to everyone!!

  * Checkbook balance was $1561.72 as of the date of the meeting.

           If you haven’t paid dues yet, its not too late!

    Please mail the $25 check to: EAA Chapter31,

    86277 Panorama Rd., Springfield, OR 97478 Thanks!!

There being no other business or entertainment the meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM

Respectfully submitted,

Randall Stout, Secretary/ Treasurer

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