Meeting reminder

It’s almost time for our February meeting!  This month, we’ll be having spaghetti, so bring your appetites.  Additionally, it’s time to cough up 2010 membership dues, so see Randy if you haven’t yet.

We’ve got two days before we get together, so let’s outsource some research items:

  • Patio lighting.  We’d like to put something up to illuminate the outside area that doesn’t require a permit (either something that uses a low power DC line or maybe plugs in to an extension cord?  Let’s get creative!  And cheap!)
  • LCD projector.  I (Ben) will check out what Best Buy has, but anyone out there with some Google-Fu or personal experience who knows anything or wants to do some research, bring any data you have.  The main challenge, I think, will be something that’s bright enough to be usable during the day.
  • After-action report on the visit to Specialty-Aero’s hangar.

Dinner is at 6:00 PM as usual, with the meeting at 7:00.  See you there!

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