Update on Tom Cunningham

Tom Cunningham missed the Feb 3rd meeting due to being in the VA hospital in Roseburg for testing.  They admitted him to the hospital and told him he was  lucky to have made it due to heart problems.

They sent him to the Portland VA hospital where they finally scheduled an operation on the 9th; from what  little I know they repaired or replaced the aorta and did a triple(?) bypass.  He recovered, passed all the tests and was released on the 14th.
His neighbor picked him up, but within ten miles of the hospital Tom passed
out and was hurried back.  He called last night (evenening of 14th) and said
he was back in a different room than the one he  had spent the previous
weeks in but in a much better bed.

No word on how long he will be kept there.  I’m sure that after over two weeks in the hospital Tom would be glad to hear from any or all of you.  His cell is: 805-551-5198.
Daniel Cathey

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